Your clothes and smartphones will convey your vote!


How much Facebook has penetrated into your life that Facebook can also tell political parties that you are about to vote. Yes, you may feel a bit weird in reading but it is true and it has been revealed only to those who put forward the Facebook and Cambridge Analyst scandal in front of the world.

According to Whistle Blower Christopher Wiley of Cambridge Analytics Data Leak, so far people have information about criminal profiling, but now fashion profiling is also going on and the special thing is that in the US elections in 2016, the best use of fashion profiling happened. Christopher Wiley, at an event in The Business of Fashion last November, told that Cambridge Analyte analyzed the voter’s profile and sold the data. 

Through fashion profiling, the timeline of Facebook users is tracked in what kind of clothes they wear, what songs they listen to, and what smartphone they have. Christopher Wiley told that people’s fashion brands data can be estimated through what people think and what party they can like.

For example, those who have cars and the roads in their area are good, then they will vote for the current political party. Similar people wear different and branded clothes and this also shows their political understanding. Their online shopping site is also tracked for people’s fashion profiling. For example, if you are buying the products of a brand that is associated with the current government, then it is clear that you are with the government.

It is worth noting that recently the report of the British Parliament Committee has revealed that Facebook shares the data of its users with certain companies. Documents by the committee have shown that companies such as Facebook Airbank, Lift and Netflix have the right to access the data of their users. All these documents are between 2012 and 2015.


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